Update: Brett Food Pantry – local grants

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge our communities, Boston Area members, like Jim and Pattie Brett are working to find solutions and improve the quality of life for our neighbors. Many are stepping up to volunteer and help others in need!

With their help, and through long standing relationships, Southwest Airlines, generously donated over 12,000 packages of snacks to the Mary Ann Brett Food Pantry, based at Saint Margaret Church of Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Dorchester. These snacks would normally be served on their planes. But since many of their planes are grounded, Southwest reached out to the Food Pantry. 

The Mary Ann Brett Food Pantry, which serves hundreds of local families in need, is funded by private donations and managed by a staff of committed volunteers. Many thanks to the Jim and Pattie Brett, and to Southwest Airlines for the generous donation.  

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and critical food shortages, the Boston Area has responded to the request from our President Peter Kelly, to direct Area grant allocation monies to local food bank, food panties, soup kitchens and meal centers that serve underprivileged populations. Under the leadership of Damien DeVasto, and our grants committee, a recent grant request was reviewed and approved to the Mary Ann Food Pantry. Please enjoy this heartfelt letter of thanks from the staff.

The Mary Ann Brett Food Pantry @ SaintTeresa of Calcutta Parish in Dorchester, MA

Hours of Operation:

Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Please be sure to tick the box “share my mailing address with Dorchester Catholic.” We want to send you a thank you note that you can also use for your tax returns.

The Pantry is open the above hours and provides nutritious groceries to individuals and families facing economic hardship and living in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.

In cases of emergency groceries are provided to individuals and families as needed. In addition if a ‘client’ is not able to come to the Pantry because of health related issues they will be delivered to them.

In the year 2019 we served over 1,300 families and helped almost 5,000 individuals facing food insecurity. We have 485 families registered

Our Mission

The Mary Ann Brett Food Pantry is a ministry of faith and love staffed by committed volunteers and based at Saint Teresa Parish in Dorchester, MA.

Our mission is to provide nutritious groceries with kindness and compassion to individuals and families facing economic hardship and living in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. The Mary Ann Brett Pantry serves any and all residents of Dorchester in need.